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Origin: Huehuetenango (way-way-ten-ongo) region, Guatemala

Tasting Notes: bright, caramel, medium/full body

Roast: Light

Elevation: 1,500 m.

Process: washed

Notes: Pictured here is the nursery of the Finca Arbelia, from which we source our coffee. Here, 80,000 baby coffee trees are carefully tended to every day by a family whose journey traces back to a grandfather who fled political turmoil in Germany in WWI. Today, that man's descendants, Manfredo and his daughter Camilla, take just as much pride in their craft as their great-grandfather did all those years ago!

Their coffee is as bold as the family that produces it. It starts out strong to wake you up, but as it cools the acidity picks up and brings out its brighter, fruity characteristics to add a nice complexity to the mix. The contrast is striking and bound to please!