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People Are Our Passion

Our sister organization, the nonprofit Lets Go There, works to bring real change to the communities that work hard to make Flatlander possible. Through it, Flatlander supports locally determined projects and relationships that will most benefit those on the farms from which Flatlander sources its coffee. Currently, these include initiatives like the construction of a library and English instruction- efforts intended to bolster the education of those families living on our partner farm in El Salvador. Flatlander is also currently working closely with friends at our Nicaraguan source farm to determine how we can be of most use there. 

We Donate 10%

10% of Flatlander's revenue is reinvested in the communities that serve Flatlander so well. We personally develop relationships within these communities and let them determine how the funds are best used, so you can feel confident that your 10% makes it to where it's needed most.

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