Kickstarter Succeeded!

You guys are the greatest! We really appreciate all you have done to spread the word about Flatlander's Kickstarter campaign, and now that it's succeeded we're happy to say that both our roaster and your rewards are on the way. Have a look at our Facebook page for pictures of our roaster as U.S. Roaster Corp. in Oklahoma City builds it from the ground up. 



The campaign may be over, but we're staying busy reorganizing our roasting space. For starters, we're building some more shelves to store both green and roasted coffee and beefing up our assembly line to handle the increased volume we'll be able to produce soon!


There are a few things our Kickstarter backers can be doing, too. Mainly, have a look at the "Kickstarter" tab here on the website. If you're from out of town we'll need you to pay for shipping of your rewards there (don't worry, we kept it cheap for you). If you're from around Norman, just contact us through Flatlander's Facebook page or via e-mail at to let us know when and where we can get you your rewards!