New Heights for Flatlander

A few weeks ago Levi and some friends took Flatlander coffee to new heights - literally. While backpacking in south central Colorado, they carried Flatlander coffee, an aluminum espresso cup, and even a tiny spoon for stirring in the sugar to the top of Humboldt Peak, one of Colorado's 14,000+ ft. peaks. Then, they very pompously enjoyed it with their pinkies up.


They originally planned to climb the nearby Crestone Needle, but the frequent rains chased them off, so they elected to climb the somewhat friendlier and definitely safer Humboldt instead. Between peaks, they planned on fly fishing in the Lower and Upper South Colony Lakes, but high winds prevented them from enjoying a fresh trout dinner. 




On summit day, the clouds hung just 500 ft. above basecamp, and their swirling forms higher up on the mountains made an excellent backdrop for some high altitude coffee!



This proves once and for all that Flatlander coffee isn't just for the flatlands... It's good everywhere!