Fancy Stuff

As usual, things have been staying busy around the Flatlander shop the last few weeks! Of course, we're always hooked up roasting all of these orders as they come in, and that alone could keep us busy. Lately, though, we've also been focusing on upgrading the roastery itself by doing things like purchasing a new stainless steel three-basin sink  and completely remodeling the bathroom. We've also redone the baseboards and added an extra hot water heater. The place is looking fancier by the day! 

In addition, we passed our most recent inspection with the Health Department with flying colors just the other day. Hooray! 

Now that we have a few of these less-than-fun-businessy-things behind us, we'll soon we'll be lining up some new customers and you'll be seeing Flatlander in new locations. Keep your eyes open and check back with our Facebook page for more to come! Look for us this Friday night (Feb. 13th) at Dreamer Concepts, too, where we'll be serving up free hot coffee during a cold February celebration of all things artsy in Norman.