The Haps

December is a busy month for everyone, but it's been especially so around the Flatlander shop!

Most importantly, Flatlander's very own Cameron Harp and Polly Kliewer are now engaged! We've always said one of our favorite things about coffee is its tendency to bring people together, but this may be more than we bargained for. Now they'll put to use the skills they've honed setting up Flatlander events for their very own wedding!

Our new roaster arrived in December, too! We've been alternating drinking egg nog and ringing in the new year with cupping, roasting, cupping, setting roast profiles, cupping, and more roasting! Thanks to all of you who backed our Kickstarter campaign to purchase the new roaster. Not only does it allow us to produce much more coffee than our previous roaster, but it also allows greater consistency with its computerized profiling. Thanks, too, to Dan, Roger, and David at U.S. Roaster Corp for all their help training us on our favorite new roaster, and for their patience as we excitedly bugged them incessantly waiting for it to be built!


We have several new coffees on the menu, too. We've added an Ethiopian Yirga Cheffe which hails from the very forests where coffee was first discovered growing wild, "The 405" Espresso Blend for all of you who like your coffee dark and strong, a funky new Onan Ganjang varietal from Sumatra, and a peaberry preparation meticulously sorted in Costa Rica. We're experimenting with a cascara coffee cherry tea from El Salvador, too. It's made from the fruity pulp of the coffee cherry after its removal from around the bean, and is surprisingly sweet and floral, bearing little resemblance to its darker cousin. We haven't been able to figure out if its technically tea or coffee yet (after all, it IS coffee, but it's brewed like tea...); we just know it's delicious. 

Once more, thanks to all our Kickstarter backers and friends around town who are helping Flatlander bring eco-friendly, local, artisan crafted coffee to Norman!